Surely by no coincidence, the recent remastered re-release of nine of Led Zeppelin’s albums comes in time with this scarf collaboration with UK designer Paul Smith. The highly limited-edition scarves each measure 1.5 x 1.5m, the first three being the covers for the Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III albums. The first was created using an intricate photographic weaving technique where red detail was later added in with a fine fil coupe yarn. Led Zeppelin II was created differently, considering the range of colors, so four different yarns were interwoven carefully to accurately recreate the colorful design. Led Zeppelin III, on the other hand, was made from combining the contrasts of boucle and merino wool. Images haven’t yet been released for the other scarves, but word has it that both Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy were created using a jacquard-weaving technique. 50 of each design will be available at Paul Smith in London, only, as of October 23rd. So you’ll have to knit a stairway to England if you expect to get one.


If you’ve ever been looking for the fine taste of whisky that can only be mastered over the span of a decade, but all you have is a day and a bottle of Jack, fret not. Now you can stir in the smoky hints of aged oak barrel — steeped with a cellar’s years of history and flavor — right into your cup with what the magical Time & Oak Whisky twig stirrer. Think of this as a time machine for your tumbler glass. A shotglass microwave.

Because the Time & Oak guys figured out that those two very things — time and oak — are the only real components which make one whisky better than another. Unlike wine, liquor itself doesn’t age any differently in flavor, but rather it is the wood itself that does the trick. Put your barrel on fast forward when you grab a decent whisky and dunk it with a stick that is as oaky, vanilla, maple, smokey, peaty, or whatever woodsiness you prefer best. Give it a day instead of a year, and then enjoy the instant-ish aging process at play in your cup. So if you don’t have nine years to spare, kick in on their Kickstarter. Funding goes until October 31st. Shipping should be about December.

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Deus ex Machina, the bike and bike-stuff makers who brought us the likes of the Pegasus and the Gicleur know that you need a good pair of gloves for gripping onto your bike. The entire line of gloves are handcrafted in Japan and made from 100% Napa cowhide leather. Choose from three styles, the black straightforward Gripping Glove (below), the Darby Wipe Glove with elastic wrist band and suede details (available in black or tan), or the Mesh Glove (above) which allows for slightly more breathability. Prices range from $145 to $155.

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10 Oct
The adventurer's eyewear collaboration


Poler Stuff, the Portland-based gear gurus who know how to trick out a camping trip, have united forces with the Californian eyewear experts over at Raen Optics. The result is a sunglass collection that applies sleek, sensible fashion sense in a way that will translate to the outdoor adventurer. Three styles comprise the line, the Garwood with a custom laminate, as well as the Remmy and Myer, each shown below, respectively, with smoke Poler-ized lenses from Optics by Carl Zeiss. Prices for the Poler x Raen Sunglasses start at $170.

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Everyone knows that a beer tastes better off the tap. Everyone also knows that most beers that come in green bottles taste like a nice, light, frothy pour of total ass. At least Heineken, not really our favorite. But now, thanks to Marc Newson (Sub creator and designer friend to Apple products), you can toss the away the green bottle and slightly improve the taste of ass. Pour as you go in the amount of your preference — no more fallen soldiers of flat beer. Pressurised modules called Torps hold up to two liters of beer, and any amount less than that. The Sub beer machine’s two full beer limit makes its capacity four short of a six pack, so perhaps this machine might be more aptly named as the Subpar if you’re looking for more than a couple Heinies. But have no fear, the Sub will give your two beers a tap-fresh taste for up to fifteen days. Although frankly, if it takes you fifteen days to drink two beers, you probably aren’t the best person to be investing in beer machines. Much props to Krups for making a Mac Pro Keurig for all your two iBeer needs. Should release in the UK next year some time at around the $400 mark. In the mean time, if you can’t hack it in a can, go tip your bartender.

10 Oct
"They say you can't remember what happens. But, I do."


Treats! magazine — a publication geared toward imagery that is as artistic as it is provocative — has put out a short film about the titular sex condition, directed by Paul Minor and starring Rebecca Dayan as the titular Sexsomniac. A dreamy, lusty, evocative window into sexually charged sleep deprivation…



Singapore shoe-slingers Limited EDT are finishing up their six-year Made-In-England run with New Balance with this commemorative, collaborative boxed set of the M577LEV sneakers. Housed within each of the numbered limited edition boxes (of only 240 in all) are the blue-and-orange sneakers, with uppers made from nubuck leather and 3M reflective panels. The set also includes an issue of Sneaker Freaker Number 31, which features this footwear on its cover, as well as a t-shirt. Order your Limited Edt x New Balance M577LEV III Box Set, online and overseas only, this Friday, October 10th, with a real release date on October 25th.


9 Oct
Signature-engraved, Detroit-made, limited-edition timepiece


Shinola, the Detroit factory dedicated to expertly made all-American watches, is taking a step further toward the vintage-inspired pocketwatch side of the dial. Giving some love to the home city roots, this “Henry Ford” limited-edition piece is individually numbered and engraved with the signature of Mr. Ford himself. The black face with cream-print piece comes with metal chain and leather fob, as well as a wooden stand, leather pouch and giftbox. Sign up to be alerted of the watches availability, as there are only 1,000 pieces in all being made.

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