21 Jul
The long awaited set premieres at San Diego Comic-Con

It’s here. Well, it’s almost here. Coming this September the long awaited Batman Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy arrives in LEGO form. If you want a sneak peak at it in the plastic, you’ll have to truck to the San Diego Comic Con this week for first appearances. It measures 15″ x 9″, has armored exterior, adjustable wings, a detailed interior, rad rubber tires and a detailed fact sheet. Also included, last but hardly least, are the two figurines — one being a Christopher Bale-ish Batman, and the first ever Heath Ledger-inspired LEGO Joker. The LEGO Batman Tumbler Set contains 1,869 pieces and will retail for $200 come September 1st.

The LEGO Dark Knight Trilogy Batman & Joker mini-figures below…

We kind of slept on this last week, but Fekky x Dizzee Rascal’s ”Still Sittin’ Here” is definitely not a track to take a nap on. The story goes Fekky was about to drop the single on his own, when Dizzee heard it and decided to lace some UK grime on top of the Splurgeboys’ instrumental and release it on his Dirtee Stank imprint. The bass-heavy result is what you hear below; the black & white ”Still Sittin’ Here” video capturing the track’s starkness perfectly. Throw on some headphones, turn it up and get your work week started!

21 Jul
New industrial-style high-tops in three colorways

Adidas Originals has released the C-10 collection, a new high-top sneaker model boasting a sleek, almost industrial look in comparison to some other of their shoes we’ve seen kicking around lately. The most notable innovation would be the reinterpretation of their trademark triple stripe as a three-directional, foot-conforming nylon strap along the C-10 shoe’s side. Upper is a mix of suede, leather and patent leather. Choose from black, red/black or all white, at selected stores for $85.

White on white or gray and black Adidas Originals C-10 after the Jump…


21 Jul
Unisex suede-lined case for day or night

If you’re looking for the perfect parcel pairing for your previously purchased Parabellum attaché, make some room in your closet for the Parabellum Day Bag. Made from hand-skivved, free-range bison leather with suede lining. Adjustable straps and multiple inner pockets on this simple, unisex, pricy leather bag, available in black, navy or pumpkin at $2,650.

The next time you need Scotty to beam up the volume, grab your Star Trek Original Series Phaser universal remote control. This pistol grippd infrared beam shooter will store up to 36 programmed gestures, thus transforming you into the true captain of your sofa/ship. And let’s not forget the most important feature, which, no, is not the ability to change channels, but rather, a whole starship’s worth of legit Star Trek sound effects. So get your klingon on and boldly go where no man has gone before on ThinkGeek.com come November 2014.

A better way for your TV to live long and prosper…


Just like Raekwon’s last Throwback Thursday entry (), the Wu Tang Clan’s esteemed Chef is back to the kitchen mixing up another soul classic. This time around, Raekwon hits up the Spinners’ “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love?”, and laces some supreme Rae babble over the classic track. Originally dropped back in 1973, the song is now officially updated for nu skool Wu listening.

With the current trends in artisanship and sustainability involved in every level of food appreciation — in addition to a world’s worth of innovative menus out there — the term “foodie” is an ever-expanding concept. In Gestalten’s A Delicious Life: New Food Entrepreneurs book, new movements in terms of dishes, ideas, recipes and the people and places behind them are all covered. The 240-page, full-color, hardcover offers pretty much everything the serious food lover would be curious about. Brewers, bakers and mongers alike, distillers, harvesters and food entrepreneurs can all find their inspiration here. Edited by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Marie Le Fort, A Delicious Life will expose you to the leaders in food culture for $55.

Look out for Kung Fury, a Swedish-made kung fu action spoof written, directed by and starring total genius David Sandberg. What’s the story, you ask? He’s a renegade cop. Now he must defeat the most evil Kung Fu master in the world — Adolph Hitler, also known as… the Kung Führer!

That’s basically it. Angry cop, Kung Fu Nazis, in addition to there being some sort of defective time machine involved with the whole thing. To top it off, there is also a score from Mitch Murder of Mad Decent that sounds like something straight out of the mullet era, euro style. Point being, this is clearly and unarguably, the ultimate in cinematic achievement.  Thank you, Kickstarter. Film release dates still unknown. Music release this month.

Mitch Murder’s “Saturday” far below, described by Soundcloud commenter and obviously esteemed music critic, composer and theorist as “WTF even is this? But I love it.”

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