With the Prologue Concept, Audi introduces its new design language. For an automaker that has ridden a wave of unprecedented success on the back of innovative design — definitive, clean and at times audacious — a concept vehicle that promises to usher in Audi’s new DNA is a game-changing moment.

Up high in the Hollywood Hills, Audi welcomed a roomful of well-heeled tastemakers in fine tailored suits and expensive eyewear to witness the beginning of a new era for the German luxury brand. With the City Of Angels sparkling far below the extended terrace, a lone spotlight shone on a veiled vehicle, long and imposing.

Even beneath the muted covers it was clear this was a machine of great importance — the first vehicle designed under the auspice of Audi’s new Design Chief Marc Lichte, a man who only took over the reins this past February. In that short timeframe, from a white sheet design, Lichte had penned the Future Of the Four Rings in the form of this Prologue concept, as well as the next-generation A8, A7 and A6.

“This is more than a concept car, it is the beginning of a new era of design at Audi,” Lichte explained as he stood next to his creation. “The [Prologue] is the essence of the future.” He then pulled the sheet before him, dramatically revealing an expansive coupé. Long and squat, shining like a diamond in its pearl effect “light diva gray” paintjob.

For a brand built on design and engineering, the aptly named Prologue offers plenty of each. Its exterior lines are sharp and angular, a motif that is repeated throughout the car — whether it’s the sharply stamped sheet metal, trapezoidal headlamps, creased aluminum hood, deli-slicer rims or diamond-patterned grille. Shorter and lower than the A8 upon which it is based, the Prologue chops two doors off its sibling and adds a striking fastback profile, pulling the C pillar way to the back. The effect is somewhat like a larger A7, but more striking due to its coupé silhouette.

The one feature that will instantly impose its will on you is the new Singleframe grille — now much wider, shorter and lower placed than any contemporary Audi. It is dominant, gaping, and yet still elegant in a world where ballooning grille sizes are becoming caricatures of automotive monotony. High-resolution Matrix laser headlamps define the top corners of the fascia, while sharp geometric air intakes define the lower corners.

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“This is more than a concept car, it is the beginning of a new era of design at Audi…” 



God bless the interwebs. Really, every once in awhile something so awesome pops up on these interconnected series of tubes that you just marvel you’re living in the modern age. Such is the case when we stumbled across this First Demo — Fugazi’s demo tapes while the band prepared to record their eponymous first studio EP. Seminal is an understatement; what would become 13 Songs — the album made when the band combined their Fugazi and Margin Walker EPs — is one of the greatest albums of all time. It was also the album that defined the “post-hardcore” sound, and along with Quicksand’s Slip are the definitive recordings of that era. Ian MacKaye’s Dischord Records put the studio EP out in 1988, and so they’re now kind enough to release the much rougher-sounding First Demo LP some 18 years later (fuck, we’re getting old). Enough talk though, time to play. Enjoy, universe! First Demo is out now via Dischord — pick it up!

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Mo’ Wax Records has reached drinking age, and officially joined the shelves of music history/urban archaeology. Never one to shy away from commercial collaborations, their new “Build and Destroy” line with NikeLab is only the latest. Created in cahoots with Mo’ Wax founder James Lavelle, the “Build and Destroy” collection features the Mo’ Wax remix of the Nike Blazer sneaker (shown above). The “Build and Destroy” rendition of the otherwise classic basketball sneaker features a black-on-black upper comprised of oiled sued, ballistic nylon and waxed leather embellished with the Mo’ Wax logo at the heel, all set atop a clean, white rubber sole. Look out at the NikeLab for the Blazer sneakers, as well as the matching leather/wool MA-1 Destroyer jacket (below) when they drop November 26th.

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21 Nov
The must-have 50-Year anniversary 5-disc anthology

With a 51-year band history, The Kinks  have carved their place in the Rock Rushmore largely thanks to the brothers Davies, Dave and Ray. Beginning with their early bill-topping singles such as “You Really Got Me” that cemented their place in the famed British invasion, The Kinks continued to make music deep into the 90’s. Now that fifty years have passed since the Kinks first hit in 1964, this five-disk collection of the band’s first five years, aptly titled Anthology 1964-1971, is completely appropriate. The anthology includes 100 songs, over two dozen of which have never before been released. Get a whole lotta love for the “Lola” makers to order for $66. Personal favorite? “Death of a Clown.” Official release via BMG.

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At this year’s LA Auto Show it wasn’t Ford who delivered the ultimate Mustang — it was their biggest dealership. Just three days after their reveal of the much hyped high-performance GT350 Mustang with “over 500” horsepower, Galpin Motors steals Ford’s thunder with a supercharged drag-strip monster, The Rocket.

When the schedule for the 2014 LA Auto Show was announced, and a reveal featuring designer Henrik Fisker — the man behind the gorgeous Fisker Karma — and Galpin Motors — the world’s largest Ford dealership — was on the slate, eyebrows raised the world over. Enthusiasts’ ears perked; lovers of beautiful styling rubbed their collective chins.

After all, Galpin isn’t just any dealership. This is an auto group, under the Galpin Auto Sports moniker, that modified a limited run of Ford GTs. Crackling with 1,056-horsepower, the Galpin GTR-1 was not only a terrifying machine of ungodly power, it generated enough noise to shut down airports and send children to therapy. So for those in the know, the LA Auto Show announcement was rife with possibility.

This morning, deep in the Los Angeles Convention Center, Henrik Fisker stood on a stage in the Concourse Hall and pulled the sheets back on a car he called “the Ultimate American Muscle Car”: the Rocket.

As the man behind such timeless vehicles of beauty as the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9, Fisker was eager to get his hands on the 6th generation Mustang. The Rocket keeps most of the car’s lines, but adds bucketloads of swagger to a body completely rebuilt with handcrafted carbon fiber. The sculpted hood features two huge air intakes to cool the hot-running V8, while two rear scoops keep the massive 15-inch Brembo Grand Turismo brakes from melting on the track. A front splitter, rear spoiler and aero skirts add downforce. Flared fenders house the 21-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero high performance tires.

But the most compelling styling element on the Rocket is its hexagonal carbon fiber grill. Dissected horizontally by a polished aluminum bar with signature sprinting pony, the grill pays respect to the 1960’s Mustangs which were the muscle car’s inspiration.

“This is a project born out of passion, it’s a dream come true, to have the opportunity to ‘touch’ a Mustang and apply my design ideas to it,” Fisker told the assembled audience. “I love the 60’s American muscle cars. They are more sculptured, with more radical proportions and bold details than European counterparts. My favorite Mustang is the 1968 Shelby GT500 that had this long hood and huge air intakes; it gave me butterflies the first time I saw it. We wanted to recreate that feeling with this car.”

The Rocket also features adjustable coil-over suspension, allowing the driver to transform the pony car from tepid daily driver to racetrack devourer. Utilizing a Whipple supercharger, Galpin boosts the Mustang’s 5.0-liter V8 to 725-horsepower — that’s more than the Lamborghini Aventador, and even more than the much-hyped Challenger Hellcat [LINK: ].

While the exterior is painted in a shimmering custom mixed Éminence Grise silver, the interior was completely re-skinned in supple cherry red premium leather. Since the low-volume Rocket will be built to order by Galpin Auto Sports, however, a cornucopia of customization options are available. For the Rocket on display at the LA Auto Show, the pricetag hovers just over $100,000.

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“The 1968 Shelby GT500 gave me butterflies the first time I saw it; we wanted to recreate that feeling with this car.”



Luke Chueh initially started out by painting up a print of a thirst-quenching, tapioca-pearl drink pun of a Star Wars favorite — but it has now made its way to the Singapore Flabslab factory as a 9″ resin toy. Considering that the limited-edition Boba Fett print sold out something fast, it’s no wonder that the artist not only follows up with this figure, but will be Singapore-slanging tons of promotional accompanying items (artwork, prints, stickers, and other collectables) to the 3B: Boba, Bears, and Bounty Hunters exhibit in Singapore tomorrow night, November 21st. The event begins at 8 p.m. and goes until late. Located at Flabslab: 1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544, Republic of Singapore. Or just get your tapioca sipping bounty hunter from your own home for $300.

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20 Nov
Clean lines: what's new in e-vehicles


The new nCycle boasts of being the next level in eBikes, and has been getting people talking since its debut appearance at Euro Bike 2014. While pushing the envelope in eBike capabilities, the nCycle stays true to a simple, sharp design thanks to its continuous flowing frame that houses the bike’s powering and functionality within. Notable capabilities include top speeds of over 15 mph and a distance of well over 50 miles per charge. Personalize your preordered bike now with customizable seat options from the hand-crafted Selle San Marco Aspide series, or a choice of carbon-fiber or MICHE XM40 spoke rims, not to mention a range of colors. Want to customize your own? Step on it: Only one-hundred of the first limited series bikes available for pre-order .



Artist, designer and fashion chef Drx Romanelli has teamed up with a member of N.A.S.A. (meaning the DJ/Producer Sam Spiegel more so than the nation’s Space Administration) for a line of jackets inspired by vintage astronaut fashion. Truly of the one-of-a-kind, made-to-order variety, each jacket is a hand-picked vintage bomber from Alpha Industries’ MA-1 astronaut flight jackets or yore that is then hooked up with color-blocked lambskin leather and finished off with patchwork. Aside from a zipper sleeve-pocket and a zip-up closure, perhaps the most interesting thing the jacket comes with is a USB chock full of six-minutes of N.A.S.A. sounds. Want your own? Prepare for blast off by custom-made phone-order only at $1,495.

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