19 Aug
Gestalten's guide to doing everything you do, but better

Gestalten brings you The Monocle Guide to Good Business, a comprehensive guide to the better business-minded version of you. Not so much a business plan of numbers per se, the men behind the esteemed Monocle publication outline how good business can be defined by the simpler things, like bringing your dog to the job you love. This sort of outside-the-box thinking makes the The Monocle Guide to Good Business more of a professional lifestyle instructional than a get-rich-quick scam. Gestalten puts it all together on 300 pages of high-quality paper with original photography due out September 2014. This followup to 2007’s The Monocle Guide to Better Living is practical living advice to the rising entrepreneur or success-minded person. Gestalten’s The Monocle Guide to Good Business is now available for preorder for $60.

19 Aug
Watches inspired by vintage Italian sports cars

Watchmakers at Autodromo are about to introduce the Stradale, a timepiece whose look is inspired by Italian sports cars of the 1950′s. The watch is strapped with a custom leather band that nods to finer car interiors, while the packaging is vintage-style, reminiscent of an Italian road trip. Other notable attributes include the multi-layered dashboard-esque dial, domed sapphire front crystal with sapphire exhibition caseback, and a 24 jewel Miyota automatic movement. The Autodromo Stradale is available in three color combinations: black dial/burgundy strap (above), gray dial/blue strap or cream dial/brown strap for $875 each — expect delivery some time in September.

Peep other color options of the Autodromo Stradale watch after the Jump…


If mulling through texts makes you consider blasting some lead through your own skull, then we’ve got the household accessory for you. Designed by artist Michael Revil Madjus, each of these black resin revolvers measures 5.75″ x 7.6″ x 3″ and will add a touch of saloon shoot-out to your otherwise cerebral library. Hold up your Hemingway with a little Eastwood for $39 each.

19 Aug
Korean label's furry limited edition headgear

Korean label Juun J has teamed up with New Era for a take on their staple 59fifty cap that is fresh, if not a little furry. Soft to the touch, shining in appearance, 100% calf leather, available in blue or black for $275. Each embroidered on its side with the New Era logo in white.

Check the Juun J. x New Era Calf-Hair Cap in black after the Jump…


The Supreme Fall/Winter 2014 accessories lineup may start with a skateboard deck you’d anticipate (this one being H.R. Giger-insipired), but from there, you can consider pretty much everything to be officially branded Supreme. Need a little pick me up at work to mask what a Supreme fuck up you are? Plant your Supreme coffee cup on a Supreme coaster while you take notes with your Supreme grown-up man pen. From towels to platters to a Swiss army knife, the twenty-something number of items include everything, except perhaps literally, the kitchen sink. Sorry, only a boring plain-wrap kitchen sink for you this winter. But you can key a car hood or spark up a fire with real urban streetwear panache.

18 Aug
Street-art spritz for sneaker freaks & graf heads alike

Take off like a real aeroesol aeronaut with this mashup created by spray-art chieftains Montana and shoe lords Sneaker Freaker. The new “infra-red” is tone is deliberately reminiscent of old-school Nike’s “radiant red” color, referring to the interests of both parties involved. Keep an eye out for release dates on the limited-edition Infra-red spraycan.

In some ways, Daft Punk’s Human After All remix isn’t exactly anything new, seeing as it came out back in 2006. But it was a Japan exclusive, so American ears never got to be tingled by the rinsed sounds of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. Finally, here is the worldwide release which means it’s yours to listen in the comfort of your own underwear. Notable highlights of the 15-track album include six “Technologic” remixes and appearances from old faves like Bassment Jaxx, Peaches and Digitalism and Alter Ego.

Stream the Daft Punk “Human After All” Remix Album below…


15 Aug
We're switching servers & will be back next Monday with new content!

We were trying to find that “Please Stand By: Technical Difficulties” image from The Simpsons — you know, the one where the camera guy’s all drunk, and kicks the cable out unintentionally? But couldn’t find one that wasn’t all blurry so we’ll have to go with the traditional color bars above. While not actually undergoing “ Technical Difficulties”, Lost In a Supermarket is indeed moving servers to handle what has become increasingly hectic traffic. While this is a great problem for a website to have, it also comes with its own set of issues — ones we’re hoping are solved with our new massive suite of servers — electronic minions to do our evil bidding! We’ll be posting new stuff next week, so keep your eyes out for new content starting Monday, and thank you so much our regular readers for letting us share our weekly stupidity with you. Cheers, and see y’all next week!

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