23 Apr
A limited edition California-born collaboration

Watches inspired by heroes in fashion, sports and pop culture are really nothing new at Meister — as we saw with the MSTR x Brandon Jennings Rose Gold Ambassador watch — but this particular collaboration with B:Scott may be worth noting. Both come by way of Cali, and both brands are inspired by Japanese and German aesthetics. If you’re not familiar with Los Angeles designer B:Scott yet, well then maybe you should be. MSTR’s Aviator watch bears the camouflage-printed face for which B:Scott is well known, a black leather band, black steel buckle, and a Japanese six-hand chronograph movement. There’s also a cut and sew LA-made matching black and camo tshirt made from Japanese jersey fabric as part of the collaboration. Get one of the limited, individually numbered run of 100 timepieces on April 24th for $265.

A look at the matching Japanese jersey fabric B. Scott X Meister tshirt after the Jump…


Parenting skills and pretentious film references can finally co-exist. If your Netflix categories and babysitting endeavors just aren’t lining up, now there’s a solution out there for those little tykes who would’ve otherwise been traumatized by your buzzkill Criterion Collection picks. Because artist and pop-culture nerd Todd Spence has created the Bleak Movies Coloring Book, something that is appropriate for children regarding all that is not appropriate for children. Well, besides porn, maybe. But one coloring book at a time, please.

Scenes from modern classics that are known for being either bloody or depressing now have absurd family-friendly illustrated versions safe for kids to color. So, if The Exorcist always gave you the creeps, grab your burnt-sienna crayon and scribble out Father Karras as he flies away gleefully on his jetpack. Vroom-vroom and whoopy! Similar interpretations exist for a slew of other movies that tell of lives even worse than yours: Reservoir Dogs, Seven, The Shining and Requiem for a Dream  just to name a few films that get a light-hearted spin by Spence. See more on Break. And don’t forget the promises implied by the book’s “Volume 1″  status, which could very well mean that in the next edition, Dad falls asleep in his plate of spaghetti at the end of American Beauty.

Kid-friendly spoiler alerts from the “Bleak Movies Coloring Book” below…

23 Apr
Made from premium free-frange, hand-skivved bison leather

Fashion overlord and “free agent” Nick Wooster is the force behind this simple, sleek attaché made from the free-frange, hand-skivved bison leather that is the prided material of all Parabellum products. Measuring 32.5cm x 26cm x 5.5 cm, the case is sized ideally for any standard-sized document, magazine, folder or iPad — hence, attaché. Other features include soft suede lining, magnetic closure and an external snap loop with either copper or black ceramic accents, depending upon style choice. Available in a vast library of colors: white, black, navy, emerald blue, pumpkin or grey for $1,225.

22 Apr
395 horsepower, 332 lb-ft of torque & 174 mph top speed

Not happy with letting Mercedes-Benz claim ownership of “World’s Most Powerful Four-Cylinder” title, Volkswagen has decided to create an absurd beast of a car. Their new hot hatch Golf R 400 Concept boasts performance that buries Benz’s AMG-enhanced CLA45 — although that car really exists in the real world, whereas the Golf R 400 is strictly a concept (although one that is within realms of reality). With its turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder, the Golf R 400 would clock a 0-62 mph sprint in just 3.9 seconds en route to topping off at a blurring  174 mph — thanks to the VW’s 395 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. That’s considerably more powerful than the CLA45′s 360 horses. The mighty 2.0L four-banger achieves such high power output thanks to the 400 PS of forced induction. Other notable bragging points include the 4MOTION all-wheel drive, an automatic six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with manual-shift capabilities, and its customized exterior (and interior) right down to the flare-winged wheel design homage to the Rally Golf of the 1980′s. Fuel efficiency has, quite literally, never been so powerful.


If you’re old enough to drink, then you can remember it well: the early nineties when those cats in Bristol defined a sound that would lead every late-night chill-out session for years to come. It was that whole Massive Attack/Portishead/Tricky thing that would prove that electronic music is more than something to sweat to, more than something to roll your eyes back to as you cram your head into a club speaker. Slowed down, complex and evocative, this was also listening music. And then, around the time when DJ Shadow signed to Mo’ Wax, the term “trip-hop” was officially coined, the downtempo side of electronic music grew up, and in turn has influenced sound across genres ever since.

James Lavelle, the man who is Mo’ Wax — and thus a huge contributor to trip-hop, downtempo and turntablism in general — is celebrating the anniversary of his label (and a volume of music history) with the book Urban Archaeology: Twenty-One Years of Mo’ Wax. The book and related projects such as the Meltdown installation in London, set to run in June, were funded by a successful Mo’ Wax Kickstarter campaign. These projects were intended to rekindle the trip-hop community, with additional talk of the exhibit touring the world, pending success. So if you’re ready to give big ups to the likes of DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Dr. Octagon and AIR, ease up the volume, roll up a spliff, lay back and listen… while flipping through the pages of this 10.5″  x 12″ Rizzoli hardcover book for $60.

It’s been 20 years now since Supreme first became the brand to represent New York’s grimy-yet-swag take on skate culture. Since April of 1994 on Lafayette Street in NYC, Supreme has become a go-to brand in streetwear, from NYC to any closet pretty much anywhere. To celebrate the brand’s longevity, Supreme has revisited its original concepts and is re-releasing its famed box-logo white tee in addition to another of their original designs — the Robert De Niro a la Travis Bickle. Matching skateboard decks will also be available accordingly.

The Box-Logo & Travis Bickle T-shirt & Skateboard Deck Re-Issue below…

The Reference Series is the next level of sophisticated drinking. This series of malted whiskey blends sets out for a bottle-paced experiential immersion into the long life of a whiskey, with each blend being bottled (and marked as such) at different points in the aging process. The taster’s experience is thus a deliberate sensorial study in whiskey preparation, aging and imbibing. Finally drinking that won’t make you stupid, but maybe even a tad smarter.

Masters Of Malt has geared the series toward the skilled drinker looking for the next level of refining his experience. Each in the three-part whiskey series starts from the same four core ingredients and is aged in increasing increments. You, the drinker, play both consumer and understudy, experiencing the progressions that the whiskey makes, reading the tasting notes on the back of each bottle, while living them on the pallet. Now there’s a learning experience worth toasting.

Three presently exist in the series (I, II and III, respectively), with promises for special edition runs in the future (for example, I.1, I.2, each new variation noting the nuances made by adjustments in preparation or technique). Prices begin at $62, also increasing incrementally, with each blend being available in sampler’s portions as well.

21 Apr
Hand-blown borosilicate glass with built-in liquor death jokes

Ready to get pissed out of your skull? Time to take a shot to the head? Now you can get your goth gimlet on with the Doom skull shot-glass and get totally skullfucked-up! Like most things which were built to do nothing aside from being a chasm for pouring alcohol, there really isn’t much more to it than that: hand-blown borosilicate glass in the shape of a skull that lets you dump 2.5 ounces of death juice into its cranium… and then, in turn, yours. Get totally Skeletor-faced for $10.

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