Ronson & A-Trak Ok, so it’s not the timeliest of posts but this pic was taken in Miami at Mark Ronson’s Saturday night shindig at the Florida Room in the Delano Hotel. It was a madhouse, with many a long-legged 20-year old blonde outside begging to get in, usually wearing this really cool accessory that’s mad hot in Miami — it’s called a balding 45-year-old male. All the well made-up, fake tittied girls out there have them, and it’s really cute cos all these guys get really angry and huffy and demand to see the manager when they can’t buy their way into the parties. Adorable! Anyway, I would post more Miami stuff but I’m getting lazy and this year just wasn’t all that spectaculer. I dunno, it just lacked that umph of previous years (but still better than circa 2002). This party was one of the highlights, however, as all my ADHD-inflicted friends seemed to have a good time, which is mad rare at WMC. Usually, at least one person is always bitching about going to the next party. Buck up dude — we’ll get there soon enough!! Put down the whiney face and pick up another drink already! It’s fucking Miami! Anyway, A-Trak, once again, proved he’s at the top of the game. Whether he’s spinning hipster indie electro fair, golden era hip-hop or just tearing a hole in the globe with his retarded turntable skills, Alain Maklovitch really deserves the props he gets. Sometimes you wanna hate on a guy, but dammit if he doesn’t keep you guessing every time. Oh, and Ronson had a very solid set too. By this point in the Conference, I’d heard enough Daft Punk remixes to make me wanna beam a robot in the face with my Laser Tag gun (yes I carry it with me). But he came through with his throwback sound (Wino, that Ghostface “Oo Wee” track, etc), and almost made me forget I was paying $17 for a passion fruit mojito. (Yes, I was drinking passion fruit mojitos. Big Deal. When a beer costs $11, why not pay a little more for something they have to use a blender for. I’m not scared.)

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