Halal Pub booze free   So a group of Muslims opened a pub in Oldham, UK, that doesn’t serve booze, as they’re not allowed to drink that tasty beverage due to Muslim Law. At the Hilal Inn, barflies can enjoy a game of pool, toss some darts, and even slurp down the occasional virgin fizzy-orange-drink-in-a-flute. But a shot of whisky? Best look elsewhere, infidel. Now, I really like to make fun of all religions freely — its just the kind of open-minded guy I am — but its really not the religion party I find wacky. As much I’d like to mock Muslims for not drinking that delicious, savory nectar known as the mighty Booze, I’m just not gonna do it. The more for me to imbibe to forget all the horrible mistakes I’ve made this week. However, I will mock them for opening a pub without booze.   Who can blame a guy for wanting a place to relax, smoke a bit on the hookah, chill out on the snooker table and let it all hang loose with a group of the homies from the IT department. It’s natural. We all need that. But I mean seriously. Gentlemen, call it a Social Club, Frat House, clubhouse, hell even a Knitting Circle. But a pub? Psssshawwww…  Guys playing Snooker

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