12 Apr
Eddie Izzard's revisionist Star Wars saga


Jeff Vader…hmmmm, could this be the inspiration for the epic Chad Vader? No one will ever know, I suppose. Well, except for the guys that created Chad Vader but I’m getting off point. All I know is I love Eddie Izzard, back since the days when he used to wear make-up to stand out among the flat-footed hordes of mediocre jokesters. Truth of the matter is I never thought he needed that gag — guy has always been stupid funny. Although I have to admit, I’ve yet to tune into The Riches. Is it good? Anybody out there watch it? What’s the dilly? Who cares really. My point is Legos are awesome, especially when animated to make Darth Vader threaten to kill Jar Jar with a cafeteria tray.

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