Wow, this thing is bad ass. The XSR48 calls itself the world’s first superboat, and it’s hard to dispute the claim from what it’s boasting. With no less than a ridiculous 1600hp blasting from two bi-turbo engines, they claim it’s the fastest production diesel boat in the world.


With supercar acceleration to match its crazy looks, it’s the kind of boat that James Bond would use to convince a reluctant (yet hopelessly smitten) female superagent to sigh and drop her weapons in a wet heap…then drop her off in a dingy and speed away waving smugly. Ha ha – gotcha again, Plenty O’Holly Octopussy Galore Onatopp Christmas Goodhead! Will You never learn?! This year the boat will attempt to break the 6, 12, 18 and 24 hour World Endurance Records in one swoop around the Isle of Wight. Even if it fails miserably, though, it still got ol’ Bond outta that jam.

 Boat Interior 1fast boat boat dashboat fast 2boat topBoat Interior 2boat Interior 3 

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