Caught the Flight of the Conchords last night at the Orpheum theatre in downtown LA. As expected, they were pretty hilarious. Although I have to say their between-song banter was much better than the actual songs. Either I’d heard the songs before (in which case the punchlines were a bit softened by repetition), or they were new tracks — in which case the lyrics were a bit hard to discern. Regardless, their banter was more than worth the price of admission — the difficulty for whales to use cell-phones, imaginary wives and their imaginary kids, and caring about issues (AIDS, poverty, etc) were all topics of discussion. Song highlights included “Foux du Fafa”, “Robots”, “Think About It”, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room” and my personal favorite, “Business Time”. Although I was bummed that they didn’t do Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros — maybe rapping live isn’t their forte. Oh, and opener Aziz Ansari (aka the Racist Fruit Vendor) was great too — don’t sleep on his opening set.

By the way, I had no idea how much the ladies love these guys. The audience was about 80% female, all dressed up, filling every silence with lusty screams. It was a bit mindboggling, but I suppose it’s better than a roomful of girls screaming for Mario Lopez or something. My Imaginary Girlfriend called them Super Nerd Hot, which I guess is promising for me. Cos you know, being a nerd and all.

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  1. Nikki Palace says:

    I <3 Nerd Hot…if I existed

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