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Due to the overwhelming Nerdocity of this site, I’m sure you all expected that I was standing in line at 10 pm last Thursday night, eagerly awaiting the midnight premier of Iron Man in my Magic Wizard Cap and trusty replica lightsaber. Truth of the matter is, I spent the entire weekend prepping for my massive Cinco de Drinco boozefest and didn’t have time to see the flick (yes, there was a beer pong tournament involved). So, after eventually extricating myself from a serious Pepe Lopez-infected hangover, I finally made my way to the Robert Downey Jr-led Super Hero Epic. And the final nerd judgment? I actually don’t wanna blow up everyone involved! Hooray!!

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Iron Man 2

Ok, by no means was this movie flawless. There were plenty of holes, like the mere premise that Tony Stark would be expected to craft a state-of-the-art super rocket in a cave with an anvil and some spare parts. Or the fact that he managed to build a fission reactor in his chest the size of a baseball. Or that nobody noticed him doing any of this while also building a giant Iron Fat Suit…all while under 24-hour surveillance. Fine, whatever. But director Jon Favreau let the movie build slowly (some might argue too slowly), spending plenty of time to show the development of the suit—and subsequently allowing some actual character development in the process. That, and Robert Downey Jr is the best superhero casting since Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

And most importantly, the suit just looks baaaaaad ass (props to Industrial Light & Magic—they totally nailed it). In fact, I’ll go as far as to say as he’s the best looking superhero to date, which really isn’t saying all that much (maybe it has something to do with the fact that he doesn’t wear tights). The action sequences are great, and there’s a couple winks in there for everyone who shut himself up in the Marvel Universe as a kid (I won’t ruin anything—just make sure you stay till the very end, after the credits, for a tiny tease). As a total bonus, the movie was pretty balanced. After the first 10 minutes, I thought for sure it was gonna be an America, Fuck Yeah!-fest, but Tony Stark undergoes a serious identity crisis that makes him question his life and talent squandered as a weapons dealer. All in all, I gotta give this a solid 4 outta 5 Shopping Carts for a Superhero Flick (ie, that’s 3 outta 5 in you regular genre). Excelsior!

Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 5

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