Pumpkin. Soda can. Cantaloupe. Bear bottle. Dryer hoses. Gas mask. Rubber duck. Light bulb. Aluminum foil. Gatorade bottle. Bamboo. Apple. On the surface this sounds like nothing more than a random list of things. To the trained, blood shoot stained eye, however, these can be creative tools of the trade. If you’ve ever been stuck with a big bag of kush and no tool to get you where you need to go… lets just say that drastic times call for drastic measures.

Apparently, though, Kevin Jones, Matthew Gonzalez and some an unnamed teen added a layer of crazy to the otherwise innovative list by digging up an 11-year-old boy’s body and removing the skull with gardening tools. Why such tomfoolery you ask? To smoke some pot, silly. Yes, they turned the decapitated skull into a bong. I’m a stoner… I’ve done some stupid shit in my life, but this? Where do you put your mouth? Is there a carb?

Read the piece as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

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