2 Jun
Oh what sweet memories you bring back, crusty black console of love...


Ooooh lordy does this bring back memories. Everyone likes to flap their lips about Atari this, and Commodore that. But why oh why does everyone always sleep on my beloved ColecoVision? Aside from the fact that Coleco was mostly known for making pool filters in the 80s, they ventured into the home video game department and kicked everyone’s asses. Oh yeah, I’m talking to you too, Intellivision (altho I did love thee, Baseball and Nightstalker). Instead of the repeat screens like the weak-as-fuck Atari 2600, Coleco had multiple screens — just the stuff when you needed your Donkey Kong, Lady Bug, Q-Bert or Zaxxon fix. If I could reclaim the number of hours I wasted as an Oreo-dunking youth challenging my friends to endless Turbo tournaments (with steering wheel accessory, natch), I just might have graduated high school…

colecovision logo

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  1. thisisadventure says:

    mundt, if you haven’t already, you ought to watch The King of Kong.

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