Sometime the tempo needs to be set for couch potato mode. The mysterious producers behind Low Motion Disco always deliver the super-slow house and funk-induced chill-out grooves for just such times. Their new CD, Keep It Slow, will be out June 24th via Eskimo. It’s 13 tracks of perfect horizontal dancing. Expect some KLF-style sample skullduggery, blissed-out electronics, dubbed-up beats and uplifting melody hooks.

Low Motion Disco describe their philosophy as follows: “…we have developed a way to dance while not moving. We do it standing at a bar, or sitting on a sofa, in a car, wherever. While doing this, we groove and shake like hell, it just doesn’t show on the outside. This technique is the basis of all we do. We call it ‘low motion disco.'”

Here’s a recent mix they put together, Keep It Slow
Keep It Slow

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