Gizmodo went to the Lego Secret Headquarters and got to visit their underground lair / dungeon / vault / compression chamber of awesomeness. It has EVERY lego set ever created — a stunning 4,720 sets, from the 50s on. Wow. My pockets would’ve been so stuffed leaving there, I would’ve looked like Lindsay Lohan leaving Pablo Escobar’s after-party (Zing!). They also got to see the Mother of All Lego sets, the 750,000 brick Kennedy Space Station, measuring 1,506 square feet, requiring over 2,500 hours to build. The centerpiece is a 6.13ft-tall Space Shuttle. Makes my 200 brick racecar look pretty stupid…ok, stupid-er.

The crazy part? That’s not even the most elaborate, largest installation. That honor goes to the 1,300,000-brick Lego Allianz Arena stadium in Munich, Germany, which contains a staggering 30,000 figures inside.

PS: I’m not even gonna tell you what they have for business cards at Lego corporate. No, I have no reason to remind everyone out there (Ken Block, Zach de la Rocha and Tiger Woods excluded) that your job sucks that bad

The Madman’s personal favorite childhood Lego set. Oh, the hours wasted…

The Allianz Arena installation…

…can u even imagine putting all those little hands into the torso pieces? Man, that shit would drive me batty

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