The musical delights continue cos it’s a June Friday, and no one wants to do a damn thing except watch the clock tick ever so molasses slow and wait for the weekend. So we’re giving you some boombox music to impress your friends with at the beach — and who better than Yacht-Club rapper Asher Roth to keep you entertained this summer. Perhaps the world’s first Boarding School Rapper, Asher’s schtick is that he wears khakis and boat shoes, and allegedly wouldn’t swap his flip-flops for Nike Dunks when he first met Jay Z…which is kinda cool. So is he bucking stereotypes of inner city rappers, or embracing suburban white stereotypes like a bad 80s flick? Both, I guess.

And speaking of White Rapper Stereotypes, peep his tracks below and tell me if he reminds you of another Famous White Rapper. Truth is, kid’s got a lot of lyrical talent, even if he does borrow a vocal trick or slur or 2 from the kid who doesn’t melt in your hand. There has been no shortage of would-be-heirs to the M&M throne (oh wherefore art thou, Hot Karl?), but Asher definitely has a chance to pull that card. Peep the 2 trax below, or just download the whole mixtape (Greenhouse Effect with Don Cannon and DJ Drama) released today at Daily Kush for FREE!

“The Lounge”

\”The Lounge\”

“Cannon” produced by Don Cannon
\”Cannon!!!\” produced by Don Cannon

Check out Akon get all crazy cos he’s not gonna make any money pimping this kid, and check out the other tool (I believe his name is “Scooter”) who keeps reminding everyone that he has no talent other than telling other people who has talent and then extracting a lifelong tithe from them (yeah, got it kid, you have ears. Wow.)

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  3. cr fressh says:

    aint bad… aint bad at all!

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