I so want a Napshell in my office. I don’t see why el jefe wouldn’t let me get a little midday snooze time in? Naps have been proven to increase productivity and alertness (does it still count if you smoke pot at lunch?). Not to mention its positive impact on creativity, problem solving and lowering stress levels. I’m still talking about the Napshell here, not weed. Although it does do wonders in those departments, as well. Every office should have one. Just ask Marc Rosenkind. He recently conducted a study for NASA that proves reaction time can improve by up to 16% and loss of concentration can be reduced by up to 34%. I bet Marc naps.

It comes with two options, the regular version and the deluxe version which ups the ante by including a soundsystem, moodlight LED-system, speakers and top noise-canceling headphones.

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