Wim Delvoye

Pigs are supposed to be pretty smart compared to most in the animal word. I’ve heard their intelligence rivals that of dogs. I’m pretty sure if you poke a bunch of needles all over their body that they’d definitely suffer and feel miserable. And for that my hypocritical self thinks Belgium artist Wim Delvoye is a dumb ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m love me some bacon and it’s pretty damn essential to push limits in the art scene (a homogenized world is definitely one version of my hell). Tattooing pigs, though? Apparently he had to set up his tattooing pig farm in China. I imagine they’re pretty chill over there about the whole animal rights thing. I’m pretty sure he kills, skins and sometimes stuffs the pigs after he’s done giving them tatts. I think maybe Wim has done his job, I like his work and I want to slap him around a bit too. Way to go man. More images after the jump.

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