I hated, as a child, when my mom would to tell me that I had no concept of the value of a dollar. If I wanted something that cost more than my allowance, I would have to save the money from the week before or find ways to make more money. Entrepreneurship. I’ve done lemonade stands, dog walking, mowed lawns, recycled empty soda bottles—I’ve even scavenged for lost golf balls at the local course and sold them back to the golfers. The balls that earned the most money were the “live” ones just out of sight from the golfers—the ones I’d have to dash out to get. God, I hated my rich friends.

Wants for Sale is like a 21st century lemonade stand for the artistically inclined. NYC-based artists Christine and Justin, the duo behind the site, have come up with a genius way of getting all the things they want in life: they paint pictures of the stuff and sell them to people for exactly what the item costs. Christine wanted another guitar for Guitar Hero 2, painted said picture and sold it for $64.98. She now owns a new guitar. A painting of a piece of pepperoni pizza sold for $3; a painting of a Wii sold for 270.92; a painting of a hundred dollar bill sold for, yep, $100; a painting of sushi, titled “Dinner at Nobu,” sold for $152. You get the point. All their paintings are done in acrylic on 2” deep gallery canvas and come ready to hang. They are open to trades, but only for the exact item they want. They’re very particular. Justin and Christine are controlling their destiny and that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

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