The idea of promoting human powered transportation is never a bad thing, especially if you live in a big city and cars are more like remote controls than essential tools. I’ve been thinking about ditching mine to get to and from work. I don’t commute that far, my ass is just being lazy, though. America is full of lethargic bologna holes, so why not get in a little exercise? The idea of prolonging the mighty blow Mother Nature is about to give us makes it all seem like a brainer.

Apparently June 21st is “Go Skateboarding Day.” (Seriously, “Go”… really? You get a whole fucking day and “Go” made the final cut? “Go Rollerblading Day,” with a few Pompoms paints a more appropriate picture. They should have just stuck with National Skateboarding Day.) anywho… To promote the day and trade, Emerica is putting on “Wild in the Streets” in New York. They’re basically rounding up all the skaters they can and turning them loose on the city. The entire Emerica team will be out in full force. Not sure if I would have picked NYC to play host. It’s a great idea, but things definitely have the potential to go south real quick. Did you see the fist the NYPD dropped on the Critical Mass bikers who thought it would be a good idea to meet up and go for a ride through the city? They got gangster on them.

Critical Mass

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