Someone put together a list of the Strangest Animals on Earth, and there are some doozies. Some are cute as hell like the Mudkipz above, some ugly as a schlong turtle, and most just really weird (like the Saiga Anteleope below). One sharp observer even had the brilliant thought to include Joey Porsche‘s extended family. Nice work. God sure was creative with all that clay…


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  1. thisisadventure says:

    my pokemon,
    let me show you them.

  2. […] drill! Am I right? I really don’t see why we have to preserve any pristine nature for these foul creatures, messing up our world with their “needs” and “desire to live”. Who the hell […]

  3. the bill says:

    that is not a mudkip it is an axolotl also known as the mexican walking fish

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