Italian design house Enzyme-Design has created the ultimate Organ Donor Machine, the Icare. Supposedly it works, fueled by a 1800 cm3 Honda 6 cylinder flat engine. If I’m going to die in a fiery crash across winding cutbacks, and have my organs spilled across the freeway, then surely I want to do it on an Icare.

Anything less would be uncivilized.

More pics after the Jump.

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  1. […] It appears that we are now on a quest to find the rides for the cast of the latest Batman movie. Of course Batman himself is taken care of with Jonny’s latest crush, and we think this Bentley will work well for Alfred. But now we’ve found the perfect bike for Batgirl when they make the movie. This working design study was penned and actually built to run by French design house, Enzyme-Design. The alien looking three-wheeler is powered by the 1800cc flat six out of a Honda Goldwing. We’re thinking Charlize Theron resurrecting her Aeon Flux look in Batgirl duds draped over this could pull a few gear heads into the theatres. A nod to […]

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