I have no idea what Vasso Damkou, Thanos Karampatsos and Christina Kotsilelou—the three creative’s behind Athens based design studio Greece Is For Lovers—are like, but I get the feeling we’d be able to kick it. They obviously have a great sense of humor; it’s splashed all over their creations. Plus, people from Greece pretty much just kick ass in general. They don’t really work too hard, they’ve got that whole midday siesta thing, they like soaking up the sun when ever possible, the beach surrounds them, they dance pretty much every opportunity they get, are known to indulge is big meals, they like to tell stories… I could go on and on about how they like to stop and appreciate life. Shit is slow over there. It probably has something to do with Ouzo.

Check out the products after the jump…

Zeus!: This is the letter opener to end all others. Perfect for ripping through hate mail with the stealth and fury of Zeus!

Tougher Than Leather: Not sure I’d want to strap my feet into this leather board and head off down the road. The whole socks optional is pretty sweet too. They’ll make this to order.

Hermaphrodite: Bring a little tyranny and extravagance King Nero style and burn down some ancient stuff. The only thing you have to do is decide who gets it first, Hermes or Aphrodite.

Ash Is Ok: A ceramic ashtray meets flowerpot. They smoke a lot and like plants. Perfect.

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