I like Mexico. A lot. And I love midgets, just as much as the next guy. Maybe even more. I don’t care too much for bullfighters, but I dig the tradition. But Mexican Midget Bullfighters? Are you kidding me? I could imagine a Mexican Midget Bullfighter exists — as in, one single dude in Tijuana who had balls the size of Idaho potatoes and thought, “Fuck it — I know I only come up to their kneecaps, but Ima kill me some bulls!” But a whole community of them? This world is a wonderful, crazy, beautiful place.

Read more about Livia Corona‘s book, Enanitos Toreros, after the Midget Toss…

Photographer Livia Corona spent a decade traveling and living with these “Dwarf Bullfighters” in her native Mexico, documenting their lives, and has put it all in her book Enanitos Toreros. Beyond photos and interviews, Corona shows the family life, work life, fans and livelihood behind this small community.

And they’re having a party this Friday to celebrate the book at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, sponsored by The Mexican Cultural Institute, powerHouse Books, Good Magazine and Fresa Salvaje Productions. I’m all over this like Mini-Me on Playmates…

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  1. K-Dizzle says:

    This is fucked.

    Check out the sweat-pant boner on the midge in the middle.

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