You know we like to make fun of Hipsters as much as anyone else in the world, but that’s only cos, well, they’re just so damn ez to make fun of. Plus, if we’re completely honest we may fear that maybe we’re Hipsters too. How do we know? Cos we think this is pretty much the funniest song we’ve ever heard, and the only way to find this song funny is if you’re a Hipster. Sorry, admit it dood. If you know who even half of the people this song namechecks, then guess what: you’re a Hipster. (If you don’t, consider yourself lucky.)

And how great is that chorus? Seeing as Scion has pretty much become the Charles Saatchi of the Hipster Universe, this song nails it on the monkey head. How many people are chasing that Scion Money??? Us, for one! Fuck drugs, give us that Scion Money, mang!! Plus, Drop the Lime, Treasure Fingers, LA Riots, Bronques, Steve Aoki, Roxy Cottontail…just too much!

Rumor has it this song is produced by Larry Tee himself, who’s mentioned in the track — with echo, nonetheless. And the vocalist? Supposedly Perez Hilton (yes, they’re in studio together…be afraid…), but I’m not buying that…it’s waaaaaay too funny to be Perez. Maybe the Superficial writer, but Perez? Unlikely…

“He was Amaaaazing. He took my picture, and I showed him my boob.”

“And Red Foxx was there, and he was on acid, and he was videotaping me. It was creeeepy…”

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