I wanna fly in a giant whale across the sky, whilst sipping a Chopin dirty martini (2 olives) and discussing the upcoming season of Flight of the Conchords. And if French architect Jean-Marie Massaud has his say, I will have my chance. He’s designed the Manned Cloud, a 690-foot dirigible shaped like a whale, with luxury hotel attached. At nearly 4x longer than your average Goodyear airship, it’ll house 50 guests and 25 crew, and hit speeds of up to 80 mph.

And according to the New York Times, Zeppelins are apparently staging quite the comeback. Sure, that whole Hindenburg thing really sent their PR into a tailspin (pun intended), and sent their future down in flames (bam bam!), but their uses are many and their advantages plentiful. They use very little fuel, as the the helium removes most of the burden of gravity — so all fuel is spent on moving these weightless vehicles.

As for realistic applications, the French post office is already studying the feasibility of transporting parcels by dirigible — to Corsica and the Antilles. Others are planning test flights across the Atlantic. But the most likely use is in tourism. In Germany, the successor to the operator of the Hindenburg, Zeppelin-Reederei, carried 12,000 passengers on sightseeing tours over southern Germany last year.

Maybe floating across the sky in a giant whale (while not high on weed) isn’t so far away…

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