I’ve been silently wishing for someone to bring back the motorcycle with sidecar. Sure, its basically death-on-a-scooter for the dude in the sidecar but…well…what the hell you doing in a sidecar anyway, fruity? Unless your name is Professor Henry Jones (or you have boobies), this look is just not right.

Lucky for my pointless daydreaming, Trikes Grande Vitesse has announced that it will begin building the Side-Bike Celtik and Zeus. Although it looks like a traditional moto with sidecar from the front, it is actually not a bike at all. Or a trike for that matter. You see, the engine is not a traditional motorcycle engine, but a small 4 cylinder car engine. And, the engine isn’t even on the trike – it’s on the sidecar!!

More Pics, including the very explanatory rear-view, after the Wheelie…

According to Hell for Leather: “In the Zeus’s case, the engine is housed in the sidecar while the controls are operated from the bike. Passengers sit in the sidecar two abreast, while a third can sit behind the rider on the bike. The Celtik has room for two passengers behind the rider, while a huge tubular luggage case passes through the frame below them. Both vehicles are huge and should offer a totally unique riding experience.”

It’s being built here in America, Woodstock NY to be precise. Although something tells me I will never ever see one of these on the road…

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  1. Nikki Palace says:

    the sidecar was made for my boobies

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