One of the best things about living in So Cal is the weather. Rarely is it anything other than sunny and 70. Or sunny and hot. It’s pretty much some form of sunny all year long. Perpetually great weather doesn’t really seem like something to bitch about. Unless you’re into fall / winter fashion. I’m almost ready to move to Seattle so I can justify buying ($330) the Umbuster from Birkiland. The ergonomically positioned knuckle-duster handle is kick ass. It comes in either treated aluminum or wood, with a few different canopy colors combinations. It won’t be out until October of this year but you can put your pre-order in via their site. Not really sure about shipping to the states, though. The Victorian Police saw fit to put this umbrella into a Class 5 weapons category. Not sure if that means it’s the same in our country, as well? If it does, in order to even hold this fashion accessory requires a weapons license and, or gun license.

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  1. K-Dizzle says:

    This is so fucking cool.

  2. […] I want this one from Moscow based Art. Lebedev Studio. It’s only $55. A helluva lot less than the $330 one I brought you a while […]

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