I haven’t been this excited by a comic-based trailer since, well, Punisher. “Yeah, that was last week,” you’re saying. So what, guy? What am I supposed to do? A possibly good Punisher, AND arguably the greatest graphic novel of all time both being trailered in the same week? These are great days, my friends…great days!

Zack Snyder, the director of surprisingly dope 300, pushed for making this adaptation of Alan Moore‘s epic novel ever since 300 went blockbuster. He’s a big fan, which means he has mad respect for the source material and won’t be fucking shit up with his “vision” so like many other douchebag hacks. (Oh, how I loathe your fat stupid face, Brett Ratner). And this trailer looks super loyal to Moore’s and original illustrator Dave Gibbon’s novel (with the exception of the suddenly slender Nite Owl. What gives — can’t chubby guys be super heroes?)

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And no surprise, this looks to be even better than 300. If you haven’t read Watchmen, I highly highly recommend picking it up sometime soon and reading it, even if you’re not a big comic book nerd. The book is of course super smart, and is Alan Moore‘s best work…which is saying a lot (he of V for Vendetta and The Killing Joke fame). Like Vendetta, the book confronts government hysteria, propaganda and in a way fascism, with a little fear of the Apocalypse thrown in for good 80s measure. As timely today as it was in 1986 when it debuted, Watchmen is the only comic book to ever win the Hugo Award, in a year where they basically made up a category to acknowledge its greatness. Along with Frank Miller’s work with Daredevil and his Dark Knight novels, and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Moore is one of the artists responsible for elevating the comic book from sophomoric leotards and fisticuffs to timeless literature.

And if you are indeed a comic book fan, then you’ve already read it and you have nothing to gain by listening to me. I plan on re-reading it before the movie curtains on March 6, 2009.

Dr. Manhattan (played by Billy Crudup) looks amazing, and Comedian and Rorschach look straight out of the book. With even better source material than 300, and with his very unique and singular style, this could be the movie that elevates Snyder to the next level.

I can’t wait to see this trailer in the LARGE, shown before all IMAX Dark Knight screenings this weekend. It’ll be almost as good as the flick, I reckon…

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