I want this branch shelf so bad, and can’t afford it—about $624 in today’s sweet-ass American economy—that I actually started to convince myself this weekend that I could build it. (Weed sure does make crazy ideas sound plausible.) I’ve got an Office Depot around the corner too, snap. A little duct tape and some White Out, and I’m good to go. Problem is, I have no carpentry skills. No real tools to speak of either. But yet I almost got off the couch to go look for fallen branches around the neighborhood. But then there’s that whole lack of tree issue where i live. It’s mainly palm trees, which isn’t the same look. So there’s that obstacle.

Wanting something, and knowing you can’t afford it, really sucks. The fact that I was high while all this was going on in my head makes it even worse. I blame London based WOKmedia for my crazy bout of inspiration this weekend. “Lunuganga” is amazing, yet so simple. It’s like that “state of being,” somewhere between chaos and structure. You know, when confusion begins to make sense. Kinda like the Stimulus check or the summer gas tax exemption. Speaking of, I could have spent my Stimulus check on this—who cares if it’s not an American company… I put my $600 towards a sweet ass vacation in Mexico. The Mayan Riviera to be exact. Tulum is fucking incredible people.

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