I just got this in the mail — Soundclash of the Titans, a collabo from Shepard Fairey’s OBEY imprint. It’s a 2 part mix, the first by one of the greatest DJs on the planet, and the original master of the mashup, Z-Trip. The second is by indie/fidget/electro-house producers extraordinaire MSTRKRFT. Both are stupid dope, and brilliant summertime listening (I mean seriously, Z’s mix will boggle your mind). So as you’re prepping to leave the jailcell that is your cubicle in exchange for some weekend July sunshine, peep this aural lemonade of summertime loving…or download it and share it with your pasty cubicle monkeys…

Listen to below, or DOWNLOAD Z-Trip’s mix here and MSTRKRFT’s mix here off Mediafire

Z-Trip’s Soundclash

01_Obey_ Titan Number_One.m4a

MSTRKRFT’s Soundclash

02_Obey_ Titan_Number_Two.m4a

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  1. […] dope. If you haven’t heard it, Lost In A Supermarket has a link for a free download, check out here. The MSTRKRFT boys aren’t around this weekend, but Z-Trip and Shepard Fairey are teaming up once […]

  2. melodie says:


    Can you tell me what’s the playlist of Titan number one ( Z trip).

    Thank you


  3. […] got this from Mr. Z Trip (yes, we love this dude) and figured I’d share before I take off for the day to go watch Mr. Joe Biden drop […]

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