Happy Friday everyone!!!

Now we’re no ass-n-boobie site, nor do we really follow much of the celebutard paparazzi prancings (eg vag flashings, coke flitterings and bloated police arrest logs). We do, however, enjoy the occasional fantastic set of knockers. And boy does Nereida Gallardo fill the bill. Sure, she’s not technically a “celebrity” — unless banging out the best futbol player in the world makes you a celebrity. But boy, what a rack. Anywho, so she has decided to do extended topless bathing in Spain this week. And god bless her for it. Some say she’s just getting back at Cristiano Ronaldo for dumping her (as if that dude can’t get 30 more of Nereida on the way to his sock drawer), and that guy’s probably just a big jerk. So, we’re posting these shots simply to help her out of her pain. I like to think of ourselves as the Mother Theresa of websites.

More uncensored, definitely NSFW pics after the Jump

…and the wonderous, uncensored San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station shot…

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