Paris based Dirty Sound System (Guillaume Sorge, Clovis Goux and Benjamin Morando) might not be the hot shit on the block. They definitely aren’t following current city trends. I’ve never been to one of their events (they have a monthly residency at Le Paris Paris), but I doubt there’s much neon orange, hot pink, and lime green… being rocked all at the same time. No distorted ravey basslines. Think selectors… these guys don’t mix records, they play them. Everything from house, electro, free jazz to spacey disco, acid house, krautrock, sunshine pop, folk, rythm’n’blues and music soundtracks.

If you’re a fan of DJs like Laurent Garnier, Prins Thomas, Erol Alkan, Optimo, Ewan Pearson, Tim Sweeney, Brennan Green, DJ Naughty, Whomadewho, DJ Touche, If, In Flagranti, David Gilmour Girls, Joakim, Prince Language, Cosmo Vitelli, Ame, DJ Cosmo, Midnight Mike, St Etienne, Susumu Makai (Zongamin), The Earlies, Dirk Eskimo, Pepe Bradock, you’ve probably danced to a dirty tune or two. All these guys have put dirty tracks on the top of their charts, which is how I got acquainted. I am a huge fan of their vinyl series (via Discograph). They press 1000 copies per release and once they’re sold out, it’s eBay time. Pilooski is the man behind most of the edits. Sometime they even reprint obscure tracks without reediting them.

Don’t go looking for them on MySpace. “Because it sucks,” according to them. “We care about content. The social marketing era of the web 2.0 makes us wanna smoke crack. You’d better read some books instead of answering stupid/boring/crappy messages.” Or you can just get lost in the supermarket—we don’t mind. Enjoy this video and there’s a few tracks after the jump…
Frankie Valli The Four Seasons “Beggin’” (Pilooski re-edit)

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