Atlanta DJ/Producer Le Castle Vania (one-half of Lies In Disguise with Moving Units’ Blake Miller) has remixed Walter Meego’s “Through a Keyhole”. It’s pretty dope. Check it out below…

This is what he told LIAS about his philosophy on DJing:

“Most of the DJs you go out and hear are playing the lowest common denominator of music you can find. You know, like some new trendy bassline fidget-house with like some bad rap vocal over it — or something along those lines — and they play that because it’s easy and they know it will work on the dancefloor. But to me anyone can do that, anyone can play some crappy remix with a Top 40 vocal over it and get people to dance, but thats not what gets you respect or noticed by an audience. To me DJing is about more than just having the skills on the decks, or even just getting people to dance — it’s also about bringing new things to people’s ears in a new way and style thats your own…and also still keeping people going nuts on the dancefloor!”


Pics and a video after the Jump

A video of Le Castle performing at Electric Daisy Carnival…

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