Os Gemeos, or the Twins, are Brazil’s most famous street and graff artists. They are truly bad ass. I got to know them in 2004 when I went to Rio and stumbled across a wall of theirs. I was totally blown away, mostly cos it didn’t look like any graff I’ve ever seen. Their stuff is beautifully trippy, almost like a fairy tale. Or like one of those confusing dreams after a night of drinking too much gin. Actually, I wish my dreams were this surreal. Here’s is a video from their New York show this summer at the always awesome Deitch Projects gallery (thanks Frank). Check out the train at 1:20 seconds. Try to keep your eyes in their sockets.

It’s fitting that little kids love their stuff — I wish my childhood had been littered with their art…

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  2. Mike says:

    Anyone in Sao Paulo should go see their new huge mural (with other artists) downtown, it was created after a Os Gemeos mural was painted over in 2002 during a city “beautification” project.

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