I haven’t been to too many funerals, but you pretty much know what to expect. Rarely is it a party. In fact, I’m not sure that exists, other than in movies when some Irish cop, or firefighter, dies on the job. Those guys are all about the food and drink and generally merrymaking. It basically boils down to social conditioning…every sect has their own superstitions, mortuary customs and ways of dealing with the afterlife. I have no problem if friends and family want to throw back a few, play some wake games. Have some fun, people…audios amigos.

Being the Olympics and all I give you this, a Michael Leung and Nicolas Cheng collaboration inspired by the Chinese way of thought: when you sign out of this world you’re spirit is still going to need some things in the afterlife. Michael Leung has a few handy things up on online that you can download for free. Stuff like cell phones, a date planner, a pack of smokes, some pocket tissue—a bunch of random shit. I dig the whole juxtaposition of leaving this primitive life wit a couple of high tech toys made from dead trees. Not so much the dead tree part, but you get my point. They do encourage folks to print on recycled paper, assemble with solvent-free glue and burn responsibly. Makes sense, if there is a god waiting to judge us all, no doubt he has a thing or two to say about what we’re doing to the planet.

I can totally see America adopting this custom. Our whole way of life is built around consumption. Things we think we need but end up just being clutter. Do other countries even have industrial sized Self Storage compounds where citizens can store all the neat things they’ve acquired, but don’t have room for in their homes? Hell, our number one “decider” asked us to shop for Christ sake after 911. Yea, I can see huge sponsorship/marketing dollars involved in something like this. I wonder if there are any transportation issues involved, maybe I can get some Scion money?  There’s more pictures after the jump….

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