According to The Quietus, Radiohead is scoring Choke — the new Chuck Palahniuk flick. This is amazing on like 12 different levels. First off, Radiohead’s ambient twiddlings, when done right, are just about custom-made for a good cinematic backdrop. Second, you have Palahniuk’s best book since the infamous, and still mindblowing, Fight Club. Add Sam Rockwell and Kelly MacDonald and, well, you have the recipe for (possible) greatness. The movie caught a lot of buzz at Sundance which isn’t a mortal lock on greatness, but sure seems to hint at it (as Little Miss Sunshine, The Science of Sleep and Hamlet 2 have all alluded to in recent years).

Asked to do a song for the closing credits, Radiohead liked the movie so much they volunteered to score the entire film — much to Palahniuk’s joy and disbelief. This is my favorite part of the Quietus piece, cause there’s nothing more uplifting than sincere gratitude for life’s blessings:

Asked how this made him feel, Palahniuk temporarily lost contact with the good ship reality and said, “I quit believing in my own life at this point. My life is just too incredible to be believable anymore. It’s a living dream.”

…At least Palahniuk realizes how great his life is. Much more than can be said about most Hollywoodites…word up…

The Choke Trailer after the Jump

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