As a general rule I’m not really down with the idea of collecting miniatures. For some reason it always seems to be little dolls, the houses they live in, or some kinda commemorative thimble that gets shrunk down for human consumption. My resistance towards little things could have something to do with my mom having little glass animals all over the house.

Seeing this little leather bound book has me rethinking my miniatures rule, though. It takes the art of printing and bookbinding to an entirely new dimension of precision. The book (measuring jut 2.4 x 2.9 mm) was printed just like any other bound publication, but all the machinery and tools had to be created in miniature form. The book is presented in a wooden box and includes a magnifying glass—because how else are you going to enjoy the colourful alphabet that German typographer Joshua Reichert created for the world’s smallest book? The book was printed in an edition of 300 and Selfridges have the last available stock… you better act now.

See the alphabet and more pictures after the jump….

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