What better way to introduce our Viral Reruns series than with what is perhaps the 10 funniest Star Wars-related minutes in history (that love scene with Natalie Portman and Gayden Christensen not withstanding…Hi-O!). Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the Jimi Hendrix of insults. The Jean-Michel Basquiat of zingers. No other creature on Earth has the improv ability to sear his victim with an insult so piercing, so intimately fitted, so perfectly crafted that it renders said victim speechless, and more than likely grimacing in personal recognition. He’s like an Armani suit, but with epithets.
Chances are you’ve seen this before, but that’s the idea. We’re just bringing back the gold for you to remember on random days. And if you haven’t seen it….? Well, grab a throw pillow, a warm cup of cocoa, and prepare for debasement on a virtuostic level. Without further ado, Triumph at the Attack of the Clones premier, as seen first on our beloved Conan O’Brien…
Best Line: “You want a spoiler? I have a spoiler: You will die alone.”

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