This April, D:Fuse will be one with nature—and that hard ass seat he’ll be sitting on. The DJ/producer plans to cover 700 miles of open road, from Los Angles to Albuquerque, in 10 days on his bike to spread the word about going green.

His way, he says, of digging his head out of the sand and doing his part. Of course, nothing says nature like progressive house (I so wanted to use Tour De Trance), so he’ll also be packing a portable iPod mixing station for some impromptu roadside parties along Route 66. Roadside diners, gas stations, hotel check-ins, and flat-tire changing sessions will be the venues along with a couple of small parties at a few select towns along the way. “I have no idea what will come out of it but can only imagine it will be a load of fun.” Support the cause and the man.

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