I just bought a new car (a Volkswagen) and I must say that the experience pretty much sucked. Having a new car is nice and all, but actually trying to find the car blows. Driving from dealer to dealer haggling over price and features. No thanks. If I lived in Germany the experience would have been totally different. There, at least when you’re on the hunt for a Volkswagen, shopping for cars is like going to a theme park. Literally. The Autostadt is Germany’s second most-visited park (see a few photos after the jump) attracting about 5000 visitors a day and it’s dedicated to cars and the people who love them. They’ve got food, games, educational services, and even better, rides—like these 42-foot tall swings, which were built by Hamburg based studio Büro Wehberg. Where the hell were these when I was a kid? In my dreams is where.

A couple more pics of the grounds after the Jump

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