Danny Broddle and Emilie Albisser, the two creative types behind London based Passarella Death Squad, have reached cult like status among the fashionable streetware set—and they’ve only been around a few years. I featured one of their shirts a while back, here.

What you might not know is that they’re turning out some damn fine music too. James Holden, Tiga, Optimo, Chloé and Trevor Jackson are all singing praise. It’s an intoxicating mix of desire laced with tension that’s seriously addictive. The kind of music that slips deeper into your mind with every listen. Their range of influences goes everywhere from Cocteau Twins, PIL and The Velvet Underground through to more recent acts such as LFO, DJ Hell and (ex Micronaut) George Issakidis. They’re currently putting together a live act and their debut LP, which is being engineered by Death in Vegas man Tim Holmes. Look for it early next year. In the meantime you can pick up their EP, “Painted Yellow, Painted Black,” featuring vocals by French crooner Emilie Albisser via The Republic Of Desire Recordings. Remixes come curtosy Perc and Issakidis. For those that still appreciate a nice piece of cover art, they’ve got the much-lauded Parisian duo, M/M, on design duty.

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