I bemoan the recent blowup of M.I.A.  The other day the Madman was walking home and passed two 12 year-old girls bouncing around singing “Paper Planes”, making up their own lyrics (something about “checking on veins”), and I shook my head ruefully. Then, last night whilst drinking a Captain n’ Coke at a Hollywood douche central, the song came on and the kinda girls that blast Flo Rida and Tivo The Hills all went mental, yelled “I looove this song!”, and I quietly shed a tear into the Captain.

I curse you, Pineapple Express.

The track below, however, is one benefit of her rise. Finally, people (aka rappers) are recognizing her substantial talent. The New York Times even wrote a great little post about how every rapper with a diamond chain is now jumping on her “Paper Planes” beat. Way to stay current, Fiddy. Stick to counting your Vitamin Water, gangsta.

One always want to keep their favorite artists outside the mainstream radar, but now that I have to officially say farewell to Maya Arulpragasam’s underground status (not that she wasn’t already on the cusp), I can only hope that her success will offer her more opportunities to show why she’s currently the most important pop star on the planet.

Peep “Swagger Like Us”, which takes the sample from “Paper Planes” and lets Kanye, Jay-Z, TI and Petit Wayne lace their rhymes over it (although, considering the megawattage of the rappers involved, none turn in a particularly inspired verse). Or better yet, download it HERE.

4 Responses to “M.I.A. Swaggers Like Us”

  1. K-dizzle says:

    This article expresses how I have felt through the ages about every song/artist that my friends and I (who listened to music when it was actually underground) discovered well before all the masses were introduced to it through some bastardized replication of it was vomited into the airwaves by ________ artist, remade it to be “Radio Friendly”. Thus destroying the true art of the song like a Gelfling getting it’s essence removed by some crusty old Skeksi.


    I’m still not sure weather the new trend of completely ripping other successful artists off WHILE their song is still in the top 10 is douchbaggery or pure genius.

    I don’t want to like the song (Swagger like us) but I kind do, and I dislike myself for liking it.

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