Bentley and Ego Lifestyle have teamed up to create a limited edition notebook, known quite aptly as the ‘Ego for Bentley’. (Seriously, that’s the name.) Only 250 of the world’s dumbest and richest people will be allowed to buy this ridiculous piece of work — which will cost a whopping $19,800 (or £10,000 / €12,500). That’s a whole lotta clams to throw down for a 64-bit processor and a 160Gb hard-drive.

The only way I can see this making sense is if you’re the Sultan of Brunei, and you own like 15 Bentleys. Cos at least then you won’t have to buy all sorts of different cases to cover that hideous layman’s laptop (do Sultans even carry laptops?). The external panels have been trimmed with Bentley leather so you can match your laptop to your Phantom. How considerate! Lord knows you wouldn’t want a computer that didn’t match your car’s paint job — how proletariat!

A couple more pics after the Jump…

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