Breakbeat maestros Evil Nine are releasing an extra-zombified VHS Halloween Party 2008 mix just in time for the holidays. The mix is a preview of their upcoming LP, They Live!, due January 2009 (on Adam Freeland’s Marine Parade imprint). The title track is already a staple on many an electo mix, and has spawned numerous remixes. Shouldn’t be a total surprise — their debut, 2005’s You Can Be Special Too, was great. Remember “Crooked” with Aesop Rock? Shit was bangin.

Download the mix HERE.
Trevor Lovey’s nasty remix of “They Live!”…you should recognize the chorus…

UPDATE: Download the always bad ass Glitch Mob remix of “All the Cash” HERE – wicked, wicked, wicked.

Their “All the Cash” video featuring Def Jux honcho El-P…

Great video for “Crooked” from Evil Nine’s last LP…

Check out the track-by-track description of They Live! by Evil Nine themselves after the Jump…

TRACKS from They Live! broken down track by track by the lads themselves...

1 Feed on you
Pat: this song was the last we wrote for the album and it was destined to be the opener, it’s somewhere between a zombie death march and miami vice incidental music. go figure!

2 The Wait Ft. David Autokratz
Tom: we did a million versions of this track but when we added a sample of paul lansky’s crazy noises , thats when it came into its own . melancholy but strangely uplifting with dave going on about girls and being on the road, at least i think thats what he’s on about .

3 All the Cash Ft. El-P
p: if there was one rapper we really wanted to hook-up with on the album it was el-p and to our surprise it actually happened. he kills it as usual over our epic, brooding drone-rock stomp….

4 They Live!
t : featuring the vocal talents of pardytron , they live tells us about all the things ” they ” get up to in a roboty voice backed with beats as heavy as an elephant or a small bus .

5 Ngempa Guzom
p: have you ever wondered what zombie choirs mixed with a crunked-out john carpenter rip-off sounds like? No? neither have we but we created it anyway and named it after a bhutanese public holiday called ‘the meeting of nine evils’, we also spelt it wrong.

6 How Do We Stop the Normals?

t: for those heads down lost in music moments on the dancefloor . its all techno wiggles and jan hammer moments twinned with a super triumphant breakdown . roll up the sleeves on your suit and miami vice it up.

7 Dead Man Coming Ft. Toastie Taylor
p: fabio frizzi’s soundtrack to ‘zombie flesh eaters’ is one our favorite’s so we sampled it and stuck our buddy toastie taylor over the top for good measure. gruff, moody, hopeful…… emotional!

8 Set It Off Ft. Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium)
t: this could be the soundtrack to the bit in the film where the goodie walks into the vampire/zombie/alien nightclub and all the the baddies are dancing away and that . except normally the music in those bits is really shit and this is good ! its beans , of anti pop consortium on the mic ;
setting it off. 

9 Behemoth
p: im not sure where this one came from really, its probably the darkest piece of music we’ve ever written. it’s got that zombie death march thing again but this time we didn’t hold back on the death, epic as fuck!

10 Born Again
t : a moment of calm before the storm . a melody played on kazoos or bees turns into a miniature prog rock epic with pardytron singin his roboty heart out.

11 Twist the Knife Ft. Emily Breeze
p: it’s all lipstick, neon lights, fast cars and us pretending we’re in a
rock band on this one. emily breeze is a fucking punk rock goddess, the
reincarnation of glenn danzig except that doesn’t make sense because glenn
danzig isn’t dead.

12 Luke Goss
t : nihilistic , antisocial , unrelenting , luke goss unsubtley smashes up the place like a monster truck derby in a china shop . its also contains our tribute to sonic youth with a wailing wall of feedback section . yikes !

13 Icicles Ft. Seraphim
p: we wrote this specifically to be the last track on the album, the epic last song, the emotional goodbye and thats just what it is. seraphim’s sweet, heartfelt vocal just pushes the point even further……..


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