The story on Friendly Fires is that they are from a sleepy commuter village in England called St. Albans, and that this terminally mundane existence molded them into the precocious songwriters they are. Works for me. Pretty much explains why every band in Sweden somehow seems to craft melodies so sweet you could use them as vodka mixers.

Their debut eponymous LP drops today on XL (home of Radiohead and Vampire Weekend), which was allegedly recorded entirely by themselves on a laptop, laying down one instrument at a time, using a “crappy microphone gaffer taped to a mic stand.” Crazy, considering how good it sounds.

Peep out “Jump In the Pool” below to hear if they’re up your alley, and check out their video for “Paris” (off their first 7″) and album cover after the Jump…
Jump In The Pool – Friendly Fires

The video for “Paris” off their debut 7″ EP

Album cover for their cleverly titled Friendly Fires LP…

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