Ummm, I have an amazingly hard time believing this is true. It seems like a super elaborate mockery by the Onion, if they had the kind of budget to fake a FOX News article. If it is real, jeezus kids today have waaaaaay to much time on their hands. And brain cells to kill. Computer cleaner is one (really stupid) thing, but inhaling sewage? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Do yourselves a favor, tho, and watch the whole way through (or fastforward if you can’t stomach it) — the last 5 seconds are the best part. How guy says that without pissing his pants is beyond me.

NOTE TO AMERICAN YOUTH: If you are considering snuffing feces to get high, please do America a favor and kill yourself. And your parents. Thank you.

Another real news report after the Jump…

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