Now that Barack Obama has become president, Al-Qaeda’s gonna need new tools of recruitment. Dean & Deluca have decided to help out by offering the World’s Most Expensive Truffle: the $350 La Madeleine Au Truffle. And that’s not for a box, that’s for ONE PIECE. Hooray, Free World!

Fritz Knipschildt, Maitre Chocolatier of Knipschildt Chocolatier, has taken the truffle to extraordinary new heights. This indulgence is handcrafted by dipping a 1 oz. fresh tuber melonosporum in a dark chocolate ganache, made from 70 percent French Valrhona chocolate mixed with fresh cream infused with vanilla and pure Italian truffle oil. It is then rolled in cocoa powder, wrapped and tucked into its own little gold box. The time and energy that goes into its creation and the exceptional ingredients that are used make this the most expensive truffle in the world.”

I can’t think of anyone stupid enough to buy this, except for maybe Master P. I loved that episode of Cribs where he kept saying, “This is the most expensivest toilet in the world. See those tiles? Those are, like, the most expensivest in the world.” His bedroom was solid gold. For real. Can you imagine his contractor? Dude literally must’ve had dollar signs popping out of his eyeballs like in those old cartoons. “Ah, Mr. P, this toilet paper holder is from Italy. It’s like, ummm, the most expensivest in the world. You want it?”

No wonder homeboy went bankrupt. Ahhh, to be rich and stupid…

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