Prodigy is back. And unlike many of their 90’s Brotherhood of “Electronica” (remember that word?), they apparently are not trying to advance their sound or evolve or take us to the next level (we kinda miss you, og Daft Punk). Instead, they’re just embracing what made them rave staples since Charly in ’92 and turning that to 11. Check out the first video “Invaders Must Die” below, or Download the track straight from their site till this Wednesday, Nov 3.

For the record, I hated Prodigy for about 5 years there, mostly cos of Keith Flint and the fact that MTV draped the “Next Big Thing” label on them just when Slushee-slurping kids in Des Moines needed a t-shirt to buy at JC Penney. At a time when rock music was staler than lost Cheetohs under your couch cushion (oh Filter, Creed and Bush, wherefore hath thy gone?), Prodigy was the face The Industry gave America to save music. And I hated them for it.

But that’s cos I’m an idiot. Because in the end, Liam Howlett is about as great a producer as any that touched a Roland in the 90s, and as an aesthetic outfit the group set ablaze the vast beige blah bleakscape of Superstar DJs with all the personality of a junior high administrator. I mean, Sasha & Digweed could spin some serious tunes in the day but come on — my gym socks make more conversation. Oh, and I remember the first time I heard “Voodoo People”  I nearly pooped my knickers. And do you remember that “Release Yo ‘Delf” remix he did for Meth back in the day? It’s firmly lodged in the upper pantheon of e-rinsed hip hop remixes of all time — not because it pumped me up enough to punch a cop in the face (which it does), but because it took an already amazing Wu Tang track, flipped it, and made it arguably better than the already-immaculate original.

So now they’re back. Haven’t heard any more of the album, but if the title track serves any notice than they’re piloting full rave ahead…which is the only way for the Prodigy to go. Album drops March 3rd (featuring David Grohl drumming on “Run With The Wolves”).

Tracklisting, plus Meth’s original and Prodigy’s remix of “Release Yo Delf” after the Jump…

Invaders Must Die Tracklisting:

01. Invaders Must Die
02. Omen
03. Thunder
04. Colours
05. Take Me To The Hospital
06. Warrior’s Dance
07. Run With The Wolves
08. Omen Reprise
09. World’s On Fire
10. Piranha
11. Stand Up

The original Method Man version…

…And the Prodigy version…

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