Upcycling. I like it. Plus, I always enjoy seeing people get a bit tweaker on art projects. Something about the odd repetitiveness, like screwing 918 tiny screws through cassette tapes onto a wooden frame, intrigues me. The motivation behind building this was for an office space divider Creative Barn, a start up Design Company. Sadly they’ve since closed their doors. The good news, they now have this for sale. In the market for a cassette tape closet?

see more photos and a video after the jump.

Cassette Tape Closet | visit www.creativebarn.nl for more info! from Patrick Schuur on Vimeo.

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  1. Karl S. says:

    That closet is sweet. I’m especially impressed by the curved side which doesn’t really come through in the windows. Too bad you don’t have a built in k7 player so you could remove a cassette and listen. Very inventive.

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