If you’re like me, whenever you see amazing images of nature you think the same thing: Drill, baby, drill! Am I right? I really don’t see why we have to preserve any pristine nature for these foul creatures, messing up our world with their “needs” and “desire to live”. Who the hell do they think they are? The Bible clearly states we have dominion over all these little bastards, so I say screw ’em. If it were up to me, I’d lay down a steaming 10-lane asphalt interstate from the Amazon right through to Alaska, and raze enough land to ensure a Circle K and Starbucks at every quarter mile interval. The more roads n’ pipes the better.

Peep this German site here for all pics (part of a “Wildlife Photography” contest), or hit the Jump for a couple more.

…for instance, why do we need to keep our oceans clean for these sword-nosed ne’erdowells?!

The above pic is actually an example of Sailfish hunting by herding – they swim around the little guys in circles to corral them into a smaller place…and off to the buffet they go. The pic below is of a battle between a frog and a snake. After 3 hours, it was still going on and the photographer left (who can blame him), so we don’t know who ended up winning (who knew a frog could take a snake?):

Just a real cool pic into a beaver home. Got honorable mention in “underwater” category:

This Snow Leopard, mad endangered, was taken with a picture “trap” in the Himalayas:

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