Kobe Bryant unveiled his Nike Zoom Kobe IV today, its lightest basketball shoe ever, at Westchester High School in Los Angeles this morning. I dunno, it’s aiight I suppose — better looking than the Audi-designed Adidas foot toaster, that’s for sure. Tho I’m really not feeling the white front out-sole, but whatevs…

The sneak will be available in the U.S., Canada and Europe beginning early February.

UPDATE: Apparently this shoe is a low-top, the first low-top basketball shoe in decades. That seems like a crazy decision, seeing as ballplayers twist more ankles than blunts. And it sure looks like a high-top from the image above, but that’s the word on the street…

2 Responses to “New Nike Zoom Kobe IV Unveiled. Hooray.”

  1. zion says:

    i have kobe zoom 4. very light and looks amazing.

  2. Shan says:

    Nike need to make toasters. i’d buy loads. Trout.

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