Of course I wanna love this movie, but it’s really hard to have faith. After the celluloid abortion that was X-Men:The Last Stand, I feel a bit like a latchkey kid: Does anybody really care? Is there any true love left in this cold world? Luckily, after Iron Man and of course the brilliant Dark Knight, I have found some renewed faith. With all these comic book movies what usually decides their fate is the director (Ang Lee’s Hulk notwithstanding) — as perfectly illustrated between the Genius of Bryan Singer’s X2 with the absolute shitstorm of Brett “I am a talentless douchebag” Ratner’s X-Men:The Last Stand. So which will this movie be? Not sure, but director Gavin Hood’s last film Tsotsi was a critical darling, so I can only hope that Wolverine’s complex story will be treated with an auteur’s touch rather than a Ratnerish hackwork. (Note to Brett: please go back to doing coke off Lindsay’s belly and put the camera down for good. Or until Rush Hour 5, whichever.)

Also, I’m not sure how I feel about the casting of Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth — he surely can act his way, but is waaaay too small to truly capture Sabretooth’s raw brutality. Again, I guess we’ll see..

If the above trailer is clipped, visit HERE for the real deal.

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