I don’t concider myself a “foodie”—mainly because I’m broke. I like to eat, though, which is why this caught my eye. Alex Pardee and Chef Chris Cosentino cooking a pig head. Just too good not to share. Chef Chris Cosentino holds down executive chef status at San Francisco’s Incanto where he serves up earthy rustic Italian treats. He’s also known for this love of meat. It’s his muse. Offal not excluded…guy knows how to put 5 stars next to what ever he’s cooking up: heart, liver, lungs, tails, feet, brains, tongue, the head. Here’s a video of Alex Pardee in Chef Chris Cosentino’s kitchen at Incanto. They’re prepairing 3 dishes using ingredients from a pig’s head. It’s a 6 part series from Walrus TV (the folks behind Upper Playground). No part of the pig goes to waste here people. Perhaps Alex is living out his zombie (Pardee’s self-proclaimed influences include ‘80s horror movies) fantasies? Oh yea, Alex Pardee has a solo show, “Letters From Digested Children”, which opened last Thursday at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco. Check out parts 2-6 after the jump…

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